The Key Steps Your Haircare Routine is Missing

Oils are a key step in proper hair care. Here’s all you need to know. Your hair care routine is on point, but are you adding key oils to get the most out of your hair? Adding Oil to your hair care routine is a big secret that salon owners have been using for years to bring a new level of life and shine to their client’s hair. It helps to keep your hair healthy and more easily styled. So, if oil is so vital to our hair’s health, why do we associate it with greasy and dirty hair? And why, oh why do we spend so much time trying to remove it?!

Why our hair needs oil

Our body naturally produces oils to protect our hair from the elements. As a result, it keeps our hair feeling smooth and looking shiny. It is what makes our skin soft and our hair feels nice and smooth. And then...puberty hits. As we get older, our bodies tend to overproduce this luxurious coating, leaving us with skin blemishes and oily (lovingly called “greasy”) hair. Combine this with dirty environments combined with artificially balanced shampoos, and your hair simply won’t look as vibrant as it once did. The less healthy your scalp, the greasier your hair feels. 

As you go through endless hair products, your hair’s cuticles split open and invite dirt, salts, and grease to make themselves at home. The products which promised you rejuvenation have left you worse off than when you started. This is why, in the modern environment of cities, offices, and air conditioning, it is important to properly clean and nourish your hair with a quality shampoo that contains key oils, as well as treat your hair regularly with an oil treatment.

How different oils repair your hair There are many oils that help to repair your hair and even more that promise the world but don’t do much. We’ll stick with four key oils that have proven to engage follicles and repair your hair. These oils are a key part of what makes our 911 QUINOA Series, 20 VOLUMIZING BOOST series, 007 KERATIN series, and others deliver on their promise. How exactly do they deliver amazing results? Let’s dive in.


Olive Oil - You may think of drizzling this on a delicious salad, but how about as a key ingredient for your hair? Olive Oil has protective and moisturizing properties and is ideal for damaged, dull, dry, or frizzy hair. It gives a sleek and shiny look as a result of it’s deep moisturizing properties. 

Coconut Oil - This super oil works on all hair types to fight off dryness, repair hair’s natural state, and even add some glamorous shine!


Castor Oil - This oil is incredible for repairing the natural state of dry, damaged hair. Rich in Omega 6 and 9, this oil reduces scalp inflammation when used in hair care products and allows the hair follicles to grow naturally, without fighting it’s way past inflamed skin.

Argan Oil - Made from the nut of an argan tree, this oil is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and Vitamin E. We’d feel great if this oil just made hair look healthy, but it protects it too!

Beyond these, we have worked hard in our labs to develop the perfect balance of avocado oil, almond oil, grape oil, wheat oil, and more across our lines.

Oils are just part of the equation

While oil may have been viewed as greasy and gross, our research is showing us more and more how we can use a balance of these oils, along with other nutrient-rich ingredients, to repair and rejuvenate our naturally beautiful hair. We firmly believe in this so much that we even developed a hair oil for our 911 Quinoa series. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but there’s a reason stylists swear by it. Now that the secrets out of the bag are you ready to embrace healthy oils as part of your routine?

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