9 Reasons You Need Quinoa

9 Reasons You Need Quinoa

Chances are that you’ve eaten superfoods like Quinoa to power your body from the inside out. But did you know that those same little powerhouses of nutrition and hydration can be used to create the most effective hair and scalp care? 

At BIOTOP, we believe that applying those same superfoods topically nourishes, hydrates, and strengthens our hair and scalp. That’s why Quinoa is our signature superfood. This plant-based superfood contains all nine essential amino acids naturally found within our own hair structure and is the one plant protein that most closely resembles our hair’s natural protein composition. 

Because Quinoa proteins penetrate each strand and are more easily able to bond to each hair cuticle, healthy hair results are visible quickly, making Quinoa a true treatment. Here are just some of the benefits:

  1. Quinoa easily penetrates & fills in nutrient-depleted areas on the cuticle with healthy protein bonds
  2. Quinoa helps strengthen the cuticle to fortify hair and help prevent breakage
  3. Quinoa helps repair damaged hair, reducing the appearance of split ends 
  4. Quinoa helps smooth the cuticle to reduce frizz & flyaways
  5. Quinoa helps seal the cuticle, locking in moisture by forming a protective barrier around each strand
  6. Quinoa helps increase color retention, locking in color’s vibrancy longer. 
  7. Quinoa helps add elasticity & body for healthy, fuller-looking hair 
  8. Quinoa helps increase shine, luster, and healthy hair appearance
  9. Quinoa helps hydrate and stimulate the scalp, creating a healthier environment for growing strong, healthy hair.

Our 911 Quinoa Series is highly rich in Quinoa extract and includes a highly effective collection of daily hair care and treatment products to restore your hair’s healthy & manageability. 

Order them today or check out several products in our deluxe sample box.

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