911 Quinoa
911 quinoa

Chances are that you’ve eaten superfoods to power your body from the inside out. But did you know that those same little powerhouses of nutrition and hydration can be used to create the most effective hair and scalp care? Biotop Professional’s 911 Quinoa line features up to 10% of pure Quinoa extracts in each product, providing hair with an intense boost of nourishment & hydration.

This plant-based superfood contains all nine essential amino acids naturally found within our hair and most closely resembles hair’s natural protein complex. Because Quinoa proteins and are more easily able to bond to each hair cuticle, healthy hair results can be visible even after washing, making Quinoa a true treatment.

9 Amazing Benefits from 9 Essential Amino Acids

  • Easily penetrates & fills nutrient depleted cuticle

  • Increases color intake & retention

  • Provides Heat & UV protection

  • Seals cuticle locking in moisture with a protective barrier

  • Strengthens cuticle reducing split ends & breakage

  • Smooths cuticle & reduces frizz

  • Adds elasticity & body

  • Increases shine

  • Hydrates & stimulates the scalp