Bridal Bliss

From elegant chignons to undulating waves, these styles are what best-tressed brides will be wearing this summer.


1. High Chignon

When the gown has a higher neckline, opt for a fuller, higher chignon that stands out. A week before the wedding, prep hair with strengthening BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa Hair Repair Rinseable Oil. To boost softness and shine on the big day, smooth through BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa Hair Serum with nourishing proteins and amino acids. Comb and secure the hair in the back, then incorporate faux braids with natural sections, using hairpins to build up the twisted chignon. A flourish of fresh flowers upgrades elegance.

Brown hair in a  High Chignon Bun with a white floral clip
Woman with brown hair in a full-on faux chignon wearing a beaded pearl headband

1A. Easy Elegance

For the bride with shorter, finer hair, attach a full-on faux chignon that isn’t too big or heavy. Center part of the hair and blow dry, using BIOTOP 69 Pro-Active Frizz Control. Secure in back, attach the chignon and pull out subtle pieces at the sides. Slip a jeweled headband on top and lightly lift the top sections with a tail comb, as you mist on BIOTOP Professional 15 Creative Hair Spray for style ability and a light hold.

2. Wrap and Roll

This soft donut-shaped chignon is perfect for the long-haired bride. It shows off highlights and lowlights to the max. As you blow dry the hair straight, work in BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa Serum Spray for lightweight detangling and moisturizing. Wrap the hair around a donut-shaped hair pad and wrap the ends around the top. Secure with bobby pins. Then, pull out a long piece on each side and softly iron curl.

A woman with light brown hair in a soft donut-shaped chignon with face framing pieces in the front
Woman with blonde hair styled in deep side-swept waves and a half up top knot

3. Undulating Waves

If your bride wants deep waves but her hair isn’t super thick, sweep them all to one side. Prep with BIOTOP Professional 20 Volumizing Boost Shampoo and Hair Mask. Then, comb through BIOTOP Professional 20 Volumizing Boost Hair Cream and blow dry the top back and close to the head. Wrap lengths around a large-barrel brush to dry. Then brush the top tight, secure on top, and wrap a strand around the base. Split the high-top pony into sections, mist on BIOTOP Professional 20 Volumizing Boost Hair Spray, and iron curl to create waves. Sweep most of the hair to one side and brush lightly.

4. Face-Framing Accents

Why not show off long, thick hair when a low-back gown comes into play? Get hair in tip-top shape a week before the wedding by treating it with BIOTOP Professional 007 Keratin Hair Repair Rinseable Oil. On the day of the wedding, boost vibrance and shine with BIOTOP Professional 007 Keratin Shampoo, Hair Mask, Serum, and Silky Touch, a lightweight styling cream gel. Now, even coarser hair that tends to frizz will be soft and shiny, blown dry straight with under-turned ends. For face-framing accents, wrap sections near the face around a large-diameter curling iron and twirl it as you release the hair.

A woman with dark brown hair that has a sleek smooth look with underturned ends and face framing front curls
A woman with dark brown hair styled in large waves with a daisy chain of hair and flower clips

5. Modern Romance

Add extra interest to back waves with a daisy chain of natural hair, secured below a smooth top and crown. Before blow drying, evenly distribute BIOTOP Professional 007 Keratin Serum through damp hair. Dry the top smooth, just past the occipital. Section off the side pieces, then wrap around your brush to dry and secure in the back. Dry the rest of the hair by wrapping it around the brush, brush through lightly, and touch up with a curling iron. Then, release and rearrange the side pieces, adding decorative clips to secure them in place. Smooth the dried hair as needed, using a small amount of the 007 Keratin Serum on your palms.

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