Trendy bridal hairstyles for the big day – Our top picks

Trendy bridal hairstyles for the big day – Our top picks

Your big and special day is finally coming! You already chose the perfect wedding dress to shine with and decided who’s going to be your bridesmaid. Now, what you have left is to decide on the best hair style that will make you even more glamorous, but this isn’t as simple as it sounds! Luckily, we are here to help you. Here are 3 of the trendiest bridal hairstyles for your big day:

The natural style

A natural, wavy hairstyle, falling gracefully on your shoulders is a great and trendy option that’s popular today. You can get this perfect look using our 35 Fiber Mousse, which adds volume and sculpts your hair to a long lasting and beautiful wave. To finish it up, apply our 15 Creative Hair Spray to add softness and shine. The natural hairstyle goes perfectly with a boho-chic dress and ethnic accessories.  

The high ponytail hairstyle 

This year, the tied back and elegant ponytail hairstyle is popular and trendy for brides. A combination of a classic high pony tail with a wavy look at the end of your hair provides a sculpted appearance, with both classic elegance and a young twist, naughty and effortless. You can achieve this tied back hairstyle using the 35 Fiber Mousse, and after you remove the curlers, we recommend applying the 911 quinoa serum spray on the hair ends. This high ponytail hairstyle adds a subtle touch and a perfect balance to a big and lush wedding dress. Your hair will complement your facial features and provide an impression of extra height.

Classic hairstyle, combined with a braid

The braid, the “Queen Mother” of all hairstyles last year, remains a simple but beautiful ornament for this year’s wedding season. When a gentle braid is wrapped around your natural wavy hairstyle, it provides an elegant and effortless look, with a noble and soft touch. While working on your braided and wavy hair, we recommend applying some 15 Creative Hair Spray to style your hair and then rubbing in 911 Quinoa Serum Spray to the hair ends. The braid hairstyle fits all styles and that’s why it’s the star of so many weddings this year.

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