Holiday Trends

Holiday Trends

Looking for the hottest styles for the holidays and to ring in 2022? BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL has identified four stunning trends straight from the runways  that will look like you spent all day on your hair (you won’t).  The Bubble Pony; Chic Braided Bun; Full, Glamorous Curls and the Half Updo. We asked master session stylist Tel Aviv-based Kobi Kalderon (@kobikalderon) for the tips and tricks he used to create these looks.

Pop The Bubbly!

The Ultimate Bubble Pony 

Best for: Hair that is medium-to-thick with medium-to-coarse texture  

Tools needed: Hairbrush, pintail comb and hair bands

Step 1: Prep your hair with 911 Quinoa Shampoo and 911 Quinoa Conditioner. Then, apply 911 Quinoa Serum Spray to towel-dried hair from mid-strands to ends to give your hair a smooth and shiny, flyway-free finish. 

Step 2: Blow dry hair smooth.

Step 3: Smooth hair with your flat iron.

Step 4: Gather hair into a low ponytail. Create sections every 2 to 3 inches, gently teasing each section to achieve desired fullness. 

Step 5: Gather each section using your fingers to form a “bubble.” 

Step 6: Smooth hair with your comb and secure each bubble with a hair band. Repeat until you have your desired number of bubbles.

TIP: Gently teasing will help hair form each bubble.

She’s So Chic

Chic braided bun


Best for: Any hair type and especially hair with medium-to-thick density

Tools needed: Hairbrush, pintail comb and U-shaped hair pins

Step 1: Flat iron your hair smooth.

Step 2: Gather your hair into a high ponytail. Spray with 15 Creative Hair Spray, creating a clean surface and smoothing frizz and flyaways as you go.

Step 3: Make a classic braid.

Step 4: Wrap the braid around itself on the top of your head to form a bun. Secure the bun with U hair pins. Finish with 15 Creative Hair Spray, a fast-drying hair spray that provides a light hold.

Tip: Using hair spray during styling will help prevent frizz and flyaways.

All Natural – But Make it Glam

Full, Glamorous Curls

Best for: Extremely curly/textured hair

Tools needed: Your hair dryer and hair diffuser

Step 1: Brush through your hair scalp to ends. Then, prep your hair for styling with 69 Pro Active Shampoo and 69 Pro Active Hair Mask to moisturize curls, banish frizz and leave your hair soft and easy to style. 

Step 2: Gently massage 69 Pro Active Hair Soufflé into curls, separating and lifting curls with your hands. Allow hair to set. 

Step 3: Blow dry your hair on low through your diffuser. Do not brush hair once it’s dry.

Step 4: Apply 69 Pro Active Frizz Control, a lightweight styling spray that fights humidity and helps curls last.

Step 5: Comb the hair with your fingers, lifting at the scalp to maximize volume without sticky residue. This gives your curls natural bounce, movement and maximum volume and shine.

Tip: When it comes to a full head of curls, let your hands and your products do the work. Too much brushing or combing can lead to static and frizz

Home for the Holidays

    Cute & Casual ½ updo

    Best for: Long hair and all hair types. If your hair is extremely curly or textured, you will need to iron it to create soft waves first. If your hair is fine, add extensions to provide length and volume.

    Tools needed: Pintail comb, hair bands, U-shaped hair pins, your hair dryer and diffuser

    Step 1: Prep your hair with 911 Quinoa Shampoo and 911 Quinoa Conditioner. Towel dry, then apply 911 Quinoa Serum from mid-shaft to ends to help restore and revitalize hair. 

    Step 2: Finish drying hair through a diffuser to maximize texture. Curl hair with a flat iron. Allow hair to cool.

    Step 3: Brush hair to open up the curls into loose waves. 

    Step 4: Gather the front into a high ponytail and apply 911 Quinoa All In One to add shine and highlight the texture. Secure with a hair band.

    Step 5: Twist/wrap the pony into a bun and secure with U-shaped hair pins. Pull out a few tendrils to frame your face and finish with 15 Creative Hair Spray to hold.

    Tip: Experiment with the size or placement of your bun to get different looks.
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