Multi-Masking- Your Haircare Game-Changer

Multi-Masking- Your Haircare Game-Changer

Chances are that you’ve heard about multi-masking for your hair or skin. Also called “double masking” and “mask layering,” this practice refers to applying more than one mask during a single treatment to achieve multiple benefits in less time. Because it takes customization to a whole new level, it’s a total game-changer!

5 steps to masking success:

1. Start with freshly washed hair.

2. Apply the lightest mask first, then layer on thicker formulas. Work the mask into your scalp or hair at each step.

3. Tailor a mask to each area—scalp, roots, mid-shaft, and ends. For example, you might need more moisture and nourishment at the scalp, elasticity mid-shaft, and repair on damaged ends.

4. Start with a small amount of product, depending on your hair’s length, thickness, and condition. Comb through with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Then, massage into your strands. Remember, professional products are concentrated; a little goes a long way. You can always add more.

5. Apply heat via a warm towel to help the active ingredients penetrate and to turn the treatment into a true hair spa experience. Take a bath, relax or do your skincare while the masks work their magic.


BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL has just what the hairdresser ordered for your hair and scalp. All can be layered to help you achieve your hair goals to the max!


Start with our 911 Quinoa Hair Mask

Enriched with our signature superfood Quinoa and Sunflower Seed Oil, this protein-rich mask is your Holy Grail. Use it for all hair types or on dry or dull hair to maintain a healthy, glossy shine. Because of the ability of Quinoa proteins to penetrate & bond easily to your hair, the healthy results can be visible for up to four washes, making Quinoa a true treatment.


69 Pro Active Hair Mask

Packed with rich softening and shine-enhancing oils, this luxurious, deep-conditioning moisture mask helps transform dry, unruly curls into bouncy ringlets, beachy waves, or flawless kinks or coils.


20 Volumizing Boost Hair Mask

Enriched with vitamin E, this lightweight formula takes your hair to new heights. It deeply hydrates, thickens each strand, and restores hair’s elasticity for volume, bounce, and shine.


19 Pro Silver Hair Mask

Formulated specifically for natural or colored gray, silver, steel, platinum, or white hues, this active moisturizing mask eliminates yellow and brassy tones, leaving your hair feeling stronger, healthier, and on tone.

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