New Rinseable Oil Treatments Get Your Hair Ready for Summer

These modern formulas leave your hair soft, shiny, smooth, and weightless

Remember old-fashioned hot oil treatments? They promised all kinds of benefits, but you most likely ended up with a heavy, greasy oil slick that weighed your hair down for weeks. There had to be a better way!

While working to develop a modern alternative, BIOTOP Professional’s founder Yehoda Levi discovered new technology that allowed him to develop the first lightweight rinseable oil treatments for all hair types. Recommended for use in the salon and at home, these modern lathering oil treatments are lighter, more effective and rinse out, leaving behind hair that is soft, smooth, shiny, and—wait for it—weightless! They’re perfect for getting your hair in its best condition for Summer, when more natural, carefree styles can’t hide frizz, flyaways or split ends.

The formulas start with BIOTOP Professional’s signature purified water—the base of all of our products. This ensures a pH-balancing formula that keeps hair in optimum health. Choose from two color-safe, cruelty-free options.

For all hair types, including dry and dull hair, our 911 Quinoa 911 Rinseable Hair Repair Oil Treatment is rich with Superfood Quinoa Extract, plus Sunflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Calendula, Salvia, Chamomile, and Panthenol. This deep-conditioning, revitalizing treatment helps to strengthen the hair, seal the cuticle, and lock in moisture. In addition, Quinoa, which includes nine essential amino acids that are similar to those found naturally in human hair, helps to restore the hair’s natural proteins and amino acids for strength and elasticity. This advanced formula smooths and seals each strand, replenishing moisture, reducing frizz and flyaways, and enhancing shine.

BIOTOP 911 Quinoa Rinseable Hair Repair Oil Treatment

For damaged, chemically processed, coarse or frizzy hair, our deep-conditioning and revitalizing 007 Keratin Rinseable Hair Repair Oil Treatment helps to smooth, repair, and replenish depleted Keratin Proteins and Amino Acids to strengthen each strand. Rich with Sunflower Seed Oil, Quinoa Extract, Castor Oil, Chamomile, and Sage Oil, it naturally seals the cuticle to lock in moisture and nutrients, reducing frizz and flyaways, and softening the hair, leaving it strong, shiny, and more manageable.  

BIOTOP 007 Keratin Rinseable Hair Repair Oil Treatment 

They’re so easy to use. After shampooing, spray three-plus pumps of a BIOTOP Rinseable Oil Treatment into your palms. Rub them together to warm the oil and activate the ingredients, as the oil turns into a light white lather. Massage it into your hair from roots to ends. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. That’s it. You’re ready to style!

Want to get your hair Summer-ready with a BIOTOP Rinseable Oil Treatment? Check them out here: 

911 Quinoa Rinseable Oil Treatment

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