Your Guide to: Perfect Hair Days During The Summer

Your Guide to: Perfect Hair Days During The Summer

Forget bad hair days during this summer season with these steps and tips. With extra care, you can tackle humidity and take care of your hair. Follow the right routine and your hair will be healthy, nourishing, and beautiful.

Step 1 

Begin your hair care routine by finding the right series for your hair. Do you have damaged, dry, curly, thin, or colored hair? BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL has different series that fits any hair type. Don't forget to use the conditioner of the same series to keep your hair smooth!

Step 2

Hydrate and nourish your hair by adding a mask to your hair care routine. It will help restore and rejuvenate dull hair and keep it hydrated. Using a mask at least once a week is important if you have dry, damaged, frizzy, or very long hair.

Step 3

Manage and transform your uncontrolled hair with a serum or a leave-in cream. Using a serum will give your hair heat production and reduce the appearance of split ends. With the 69 PRO ACTIVE FRIZZ CONTROL your curls will stay feeling fresh, natural, and bouncy. For people with colored hair, make sure to take extra care of your hair as the heat can make your hair drier. Use the 05 SILICON MILK HAIR CREAM to restore hair health and shine. Enjoy your summer and have a perfect hair day every day!

Why you should add oil to your hair care routine

“Every woman would benefit from using oils even just once a week,” says Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend, whose clients are Rachel McAdams, Kirsten Dunst, Dakota Johnson, and Mary-Kate, Ashley and Elizabeth Olsen and many more celebrities. “You’ll see a major difference in your hair.”

Argan Oil

Argan oil, is originated from nuts produced from argan trees. It is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and Vitamin E, and will not only make your hair look healthy but also protect it.

Ideal for

Dry, frizzy, or coarse hair that is frequently styled and exposed to heat.


Argan oil protects hair against damage from UV rays and heat. BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 911 QUINOA collection is based on pure quinoa extract, macadamia oil, argan oil and vitamin E that treats dry, damaged and lifeless hair.  

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most gifted oils in existence and is also great for the skin. Coconut oil has many benefits, including protecting against heat damage and repairing damaged and broken hair and is ideal for all hair types.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil has protective and moisturizing properties and is ideal for damaged, dull, dry, or frizzy hair. It gives a sleek and shiny look as well as moisturizes your hair.

The BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 69 PRO ACTIVE contains avocado oil, coconut oil, almond oil, grape oil, wheat oil, olive oil, rose oil and vitamin E. The unique formula for this collection is made up of eight main ingredients that promote moisture, shine, vitality, and natural curl definition.

Which oils are YOU using on your hair? Let us assist you.

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