Prom Perfection

What makes these looks prom positive? They’re super-stylish yet less elaborate than bridal styles, making them all easy enough for you to do at home or with a quick trip to the salon.  

This season's hallmarks of haute head-turners are super shine, perfected ponytails, and a little extra texture on top for a glam slam.


Name: Block Chain Braid

Descriptor: A perfectly linked faux braid

Best for Medium-to-fine straight hair that is at least bob length

Tools needed: Faux braid with comb attachment, flat brush, elastic, hairpins 

Step 1: Start with second-day hair so the braid attachment grips. 

Step 2:  Center-part your hair and slick it back behind your ears. Smooth hair close to your head with 911 Quinoa Hair Serum, but leave the ends product free. Pull all your hair to the side in the back, and secure with the elastic, leaving 2-3 inches free. Backcomb the ends and mist with BIOTOP 15 Creative Hair Spray. Tuck a few strands up and under the elastic. 

Step 3: Attach the braid’s concealed comb securely above the elastic, and smooth the braid’s sides around it, securing with hairpins if needed. Finish by misting on BIOTOP 15 Creative Hair Spray, smoothing the top. Apply a little extra hairspray to the braid’s attachment site, pull it over your shoulder and fluff the end puff.

Hair: @gad_abuhatzira_hair

Makeup: @avidu_mesharet


Name: Tidal Wave

Descriptor: Soft, sexy side waves

Best for Medium-to-dense, wavy hair

Tools needed:  Blow-dryer, round brush, curling iron       

Step 1:  Prep your hair for styling with BIOTOP 20 Volumizing Boost Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel dry and work through 35 Fiber Mousse.

Step 2: Rough dry your hair as you lift the roots with your fingers and direct your hair to the side in front. 

Step 3: When hair is 85-90% dry, lift the front hairline with the brush and curve it to the side as you dry. Then, working from the bottom of the heavy side up, wrap sections loosely around the round brush, blow-dry, and release. Lightly scrunch the light side as you dry.
Step 4: For extra detail, wrap select ends around a large-barrel curling iron mist with 19 Volumizing Boost Hairspray, hold for a few seconds, and then release. 
Step 5:  To finish,finger-comb your hair lightly, then add a final misting of 15 Creative Hair Spray as you lift the front hairline.  

Name: Center of Attention

Descriptor: A braided top meets a base-wrapped pony

Best for Medium-to-dense, straight hair

Tools needed:  Blow dryer, curling iron, round brush, tail comb, elastic, bobby pins       

Step 1: Start with damp hair and spritz on 911 Quinoa All In One. Then, blow dry hair smooth, curving up the ends with the round brush.

Step 2: Part off the center-top Mohawk area and create a large braid that moves to the back. Keep it loose by lifting loops with the end of a tail comb. Stop just behind the crown and secure with bobby pins, leaving ends hanging free.

Step 3: Use the comb to part off tendrils at the sides. Then, brush the rest of the sides and back up to where the braid stops. Secure with an elastic and wrap the free ends of the braids around the base of the ponytail. Secure with bobby pins.
Step 4: Softly curl the side tendrils with the curling iron. Then brush the ponytail into one giant, smooth section, run 911 Quinoa Hair Serum down it with your palms, and use the curling iron to curve up the ends. 

Hair: @liorfadlon7 @liorfadlonhair

Makeup: @ortal_avar

Name: Gilded Age Waves

Descriptor: Deep waves move into eye-catching curls

Best for Dense, naturally curly but not coily hair

Tools needed: Hair dryer, diffuser, hair clips, small-barrel curling iron     

Step 1: Prep your hair for styling with BIOTOP Pro-Active and Pro-Active to moisturize curls and minimize frizz. 

Step 2: Work through 2-3 pumps of BIOTOP 69 Pro-Active Hair Soufflé from the mid-shafts to the ends. 

Step 3: Center-part your hair, clip away top sections and work in subsections from the bottom up. Diffuse dry your hair as you wrap vertical sections around your fingers.
Step 4: Once your hair is dry, return to your original sections, and wrap the mid-shafts and ends around a curling iron for clean, crisp, undulating curls.  
Step 5: Slip in your favorite decorative hair clip on top and mist with 15 Creative Spray for flexible hold.

Hair: @oshrat_ayeli

Name: Classic with a Twist

Descriptor: Braids and hair accessories dress up this simple chignon

Best for Fine-to-medium, straight to slightly wavy hair

Tools needed: Tail comb, elastics, hair pins, sparkly beads or flowers     

Step 1: Work with second-day hair for extra texture and grip—section off the top in a U-shape. Then, divide it down the center, and create two French braids on each side. Lift them slightly off the scalp and direct them toward the back. When you reach the back crown, stop picking up extra hair at the sides, and three-strand braid down to the ends. Secure with elastics. Pin them out of the way.

Step 2: Brush the sides up and back. Divide the rest of this hair in half horizontally.  

Step 3:   Twist and wrap the top half into a chignon. Secure the base with an elastic, and pin sections in place as you wrap them around. As you work, backcomb large sections lightly to add volume. 

Step 4: Release the top braids that were pinned out of the way, wrap them around the chignon, and pin them in place. Arrange artfully, so some are at the base, and some show on top of the chignon. 

Step 5: Pull the bottom section up and subdivide it to create two upward moving braids. Secure the ends with elastic and wrap them around the chignon as you complete each braid. Slide beads, flowers, or jewels onto a hairpin and add for extra sparkle. 

Hair: @liorfadlon7 @liorfadlonhair

Makeup: @talya_madmon

Name: Twist and Pout

Descriptor: A super-simple ponytail that’s selfie-ready

Best for Dense, straight hair

Tools needed: Blow dryer, flat brush, round brush, hairpins         

Step 1: Prep hair with BIOTOP 20 Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Blow dry to remove excess moisture. Use the flat brush to smooth the top back, then pull out the ends as you dry. 

Step 2:  When hair is 80-90% dry, work through BIOTOP 35 Fiber Mousse. Dry the top and sides first as you smooth them back. 

Step 3: Pull all the lengths into one top section, smooth the sides and pull it taut. Then, twist the entire section around itself at the base as you hold it in place with one hand and twist with the other. Secure with concealed hairpins. 
Step 4: Continue drying the waterfall ponytail, using the round brush to add lift and curve where desired. 
Step 5: Finish with a misting of BIOTOP 19 Volumizing Boost Hair Spray as you smooth the top and sides and lightly direct the ends of the ponytail with the round brush. 

Hair: @timor_aviv


Name: Bun Fun

Descriptor: A half-up/half-down ’do gets an unexpected bun 

Best for Medium-to-dense, straight, or slightly wavy hair

Tools needed: Blow dryer, brush, tail comb, elastic, hairpins, optional curling iron       

Step 1: Brush through dry hair and section off a U-shape behind your front fringe. It should end just below the crown. Hold the base in the back, push it forward on top, and curve the sides with the comb to keep this section full. Then secure with an elastic. 

Step 2: Wrap the lengths around the elastic two times to create a bun and pull the ends through the center of the bun. Use the tail comb to lift the crown and rearrange the bun. Mist with BIOTOP 19 Volumizing Boost Hair Spray as you curve the sides and arrange the bun, adding hairpins as needed.

Step 3: Mist the free ends with the hairspray and twist them as you blow dry to create waves.  

Step 4: Wrap all the ends and side tendrils around the curling iron for a soft finish. Allow hair to cool completely before brushing through.  

Hair: omer_hairr

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