Protect Your Hair from Cold Winter Air

Protect Your Hair from Cold Winter Air

You know how the harsher winter months can dry out and damage your skin. It’s the same for your hair. Colder, Dryer air and crisp winds can lead to dry or brittle strands, frizz, and breakage. A lack of Vitamin D can also leave your hair color dull or discolored. 

The good news is that you can keep your hair healthy, soft, shiny, and frizz-free all winter long by applying a leave-in product with sun protection (YES! Even in the winter we need to protect against the sun’s rays!) every time you’re out in the elements. The good news is, you won’t even need an extra step in the morning. You can give your hair everything it needs with BIOTOP’s best-selling multi-taskers to restore & protect.

Here are six steps to Healthy hair all winter long:

1. When it comes to hair care, read your labels. Look for ingredients like Quinoa, Sunflower Seed Oil, Keratin, and Vitamin E to restore hair’s essential vitamins, amino acids & natural oils for softer, shinier hair despite the dry weather. 

2. Prevention starts with daily care. Use shampoos, conditioners, and masks with hydrating and strengthening ingredients like Quinoa and Keratin to keep your hair and scalp hydrated, strong, and healthy to prevent moisture and color loss. The 911 Quinoa Shampoo has a rich oil base, perfect for adding back in lost moisture. 

3. Try these multi-tasking leave-ins to hydrate, smooth, soften and add shine, as they protect your tresses.

  • 911 Quinoa Serum Spray with Quinoa and Sunflower Seed Oil for all hair types—Spritz over your hair and scalp in the morning to seal your hair against environmental damage & moisture loss. It also works to smooth the cuticle, fight frizz and enhance shine. 
  • 911 Quinoa All In One with Quinoa and Sunflower Seed Oil for all hair types—This ultimate multi-tasking leave-in treatment spray helps to nourish, soften and protect your hair. Sunflower Seed Oil offers UV protection to help prevent damage and create a smoother, shinier surface.
  • 19 Pro Silver Oil with Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamins A & E to protect blonde, platinum, gray, or silver hair, and highlights—Rub this purple oil through your hair to prevent your color from going brassy, as it hydrates and protects against damage.  

4. Double up to protect fragile strands: Hair that is fine, thin, light-colored, chemically processed, or heat-styled is particularly vulnerable to breakage during the drier months. Try adding a scarf or a hat to keep hair from out of the wind and other harsh elements. 

5. To repair hair that’s already damaged: Try our 911 Quinoa Rinseable Hair Repair Oil Treatment. In just 5 minutes, these powerful formulas will replenish your hair’s protein and moisture levels, leaving it stronger, smoother, and shinier.


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