Quinoa for the Hair: A Love Story (Based on Science)

Quinoa for the Hair: A Love Story (Based on Science)
Thousands of years before the term “superfood” was invented, people understood the wonders of quinoa. In South America, the protein-rich whole grain was a popular food across the ages, consumed for its delicious taste and healthy benefits.
With the help of modern science, we now know that quinoa is truly a superfood, rich in amino acids, proteins, minerals, such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamins B1, B2 and B6. All these are essential for health, and especially for the hair. That’s why nutritionists today recommend regular consumption of quinoa to help keep hair beautiful and healthy.
Why hair loves quinoa
The hair structure is made up of proteins, minerals, and vitamins, many of which are also found in quinoa. The protein in quinoa acts as a natural, delicate coating that penetrates the base of the hair and nourishes it from within. A range of B vitamins promote healthy blood circulation, ensuring the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles essential for growth. In quinoa extract, these natural nutrients are efficiently absorbed by the body, and have been found to help repair dry and damaged hair.
It all began in Bolivia
BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL’s love affair with quinoa began when the founder of the company, Yehuda Levy, discovered the superfood on a trip to quinoa fields in Bolivia. Levy noticed that the skin of the hands of those working to harvest and process quinoa was particularly smooth and radiant. Upon his return to Israel, he got busy in the BIOTOP lab, together with a team of leading chemists, examining the benefits of the plant and its effects on hair. The results were impressive, especially in the treatment of dry hair and revitalization of damaged hair.
Soon after, the QUINOA 911 series was born.
911: A unique approach to quinoa
Products in the QUINOA 911 series contain pure, fresh quinoa that has been ground in a cold press to preserve its nutritive value. The production process uses purified water that undergoes a special filtration process and therefore does not contain chlorine or toxins that may impair the efficiency of the nutrients. The unique formula, the quality of ingredients, together with strict manufacturing protocols, create a diverse product line that offers the ultimate solution for the treatment of dry hair or hair that is damaged from chemical treatment or environmental exposure. From first use, you can feel the restored sensation of soft, flexible hair that is full of shine.
The QUINOA 911 series includes a full range of professional hair care products, including
Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Serum, Hair Oil, Serum Spray, and All-In-One Spray, all formulated to deliver maximum results with ultimate ease of use in the salon. 
Beyond quinoa
BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL expertise in hair health goes way beyond quinoa to a wide range of professional products for all hair types,
BIOTOP products are sold in 25+ countries, to more than 15,000 professional hairdressers. All products are based on natural, eco-friendly ingredients, free from parabens, sodium chloride, SLS/SLES, and not tested on animals.
The manufacturing process and resulting product quality meets the strictest international standards in the professional hair care industry.
The company invests heavily in R&D, working with leading scientists and hair care professionals to deliver the best innovations in styling products and hair treatments, with an emphasis on quality, safety and ease of use – including of course the QUINOA 911 series.
SOS for dry hair
BIOTOP’s product range covers all hair conditions; however, the 911 QUINOA series was specifically developed for the treatment of dry hair of all types: straight, wavy, curly, coiled, wigs, weaves, and extensions. 
Every 911 QUINOA product is expertly formulated to strengthen and protect dry, damaged hair, with a nutritious blend of superfood quinoa, macadamia oil, argan oil, vitamin E, and purified water working to rebuild amino acid bonds and proteins in the hair fibres. With BIOTOP, you’ll discover the ancient wonders of quinoa in the contemporary hair salon and be amazed.
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Thank you for sharing this information, it’s very helpful. I have been facing hair-fall issues and roughness in my hair, but I guess I found the solution here. Would definitely love to try this product. And I also consume true elements quinoa in my diet, which might as well help me. Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog.

Anjali Rai,

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