Top Festival Inspos You’ll Love Wearing All Summer Long!

Top Festival Inspos You’ll Love Wearing All Summer Long!

Must-Try Braids, Bling & Ponys! 

Coachella kicked off Festival Season this month with a post-pandemic celebratory vibe, setting the stage for summer fashion and hairstyles. At this A-lister festival, playing paparazzi—whether in person or through the media—is a favorite pastime of hair stylists and consumers alike to spot the newest looks, trends or hacks.


At BIOTOP Professional, we ❤️ the creativity of Festival Season, so we asked top stylists to share  their favorite tricks to inspire you to experiment, play and have fun with your summer style!


1. Dueling Textures

@liorfadlonhair creates dueling textures with waves vs braids. To get the look, curl your hair in 1-inch sections, rolling it away from your face on each side, then rub BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa Serum between your hands and use your fingers to loosen the curls . Next, part your hair side to side and begin braiding just above one ear, continuing across the top of your head to the other ear and secure. Or, for a fast and easy  shortcut, buy a braided headband close to your color.



2. Pull-Through Bubble Braid

There are lots of ways to get a braided ponytail but @liorfadlonhair’s pull-through pony focuses on playful, braided bubble sides and a rough texture that avoids perfection. Starting with second- or even third-day hair is best because it will have more grip. If your hair is silky or too soft, create large iron-curled pieces, then brush your hair out. To see what you are doing, work with two mirrors—one in front of you and one behind you, positioned so you can see the back of your head. For a large pony, start at the front hairline and use your fingers to take two sections—one from each side, above your temples. Pull them back and secure with an elastic. Lift small pieces above the elastic up and out, and trace them with your fingers to add volume. Then, pull this pony forward, over your forehead, and clip in place so it is completely out of the way. Now move down about one or two inches and take two more sections from the front hairline. Pull them back and slightly upward, and secure with an elastic below the top pony. Now comes the pull-through part.  Drop the top pony down, divide it in half and pull the second pony you created up between the two halves. Clip it forward and out of the way as before. Repeat moving down, taking two sections from the front hairline back , and securing them with an elastic. Each time, drop down the last pony you clipped up and out of the way, and divide it into two sections. Then and pull the most recent pony you created up between the two sections, and clip it away. When you have 3 to 4 loops in the braided pony, use your fingers to pull them out and slightly down. Aim to conceal the elastics as you expand the braid. You can even lightly backcomb a few of the top loops for a rougher look. You can keep hair at the sides of your head tight and smooth, or pull them out a bit, too. Once you get the hang of it, it’s lots easier than creating a three-strand Dutch braid and then pulling out the sides for a bubble effect. 



3. Blinged Out Party Pony

Using a blinged-out accessory, @liorfadlonhair turns an ordinary pony into a signature festival style. To get the look, curl your hair if it’s mostly straight or pump up your natural texture with BIOTOP Professional 69 Pro Active Frizz Control. Then, pull your hair into a high pony—no need to get it too smooth—secure with an elastic and wrap a section of hair around the pony to cover the band. Position the bling so it’s where you’d like it and clip into place. You can use a head chain, a necklace or a variety of sparkly pieces.



4. Half-Up Split Pony

@galbenzion fashions a center pony to give the illusion of lift, that then falls into Bohemian waves. To get the look, apply BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa Serum Spray roots to ends for heat and environment protection. Then, curl 1-inch sections of hair around your styling iron, directing them back from you face. Allow to cool, then separate into loose waves using your fingers. Gather a section at the center top of your head in the middle of a center part and secure with an elastic. Divide the pony in half, allowing the curls to cascade to each side. Separate with your fingers and you’re ready to rock it!



5. Sleek High Pony

@gad_abuhatzira_hair creates the dramatic celebrity high pony that brings glamour to the party. First, blow dry your hair smooth. Then, comb BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa All In One through your hair to control frizz and flyaways and provide sun protection. Next, brush your hair into a high pony and secure with an elastic. Tighten the tail so it stands up perfectly. Take a small section of hair, smooth on BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa Hair Serum and wrap the piece around the base of the pony to hide the elastic. Smooth another drop or two of Serum over the surface and re-apply as needed.


6. Double Bubble Duo

Channeling the ’90s here with double bubble face framing ponies that add texture and dimension. It’s so fast and easy to get the look. Simply take a small piece on each side of your face and start sectioning off tiny sections, pulling the hair slightly to form a “bubble.” @maayan_hair_makeup secures each with tiny dark elastics that match her client’s eyebrows for contrast with the cool blonde base. 



7. Goddess Waves

@maayan_hair_makeup  glams up the goddess quotient by ironing loose beachy waves off a center part, then adding the perfect head chain for a golden finish effect. To get the look, comb through BIOTOP Professional 911 Quinoa Hair Serum for heat protection and brilliant shine. Then curl your hair in 1-inch sections. After the hair cools, rub more Serum between your hands, then loosen the curls slightly so they roll in waves. Place the chain in the center of her head and she’s ready to shine.


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