Top Tips for Winter Hair Repair & Scalp Care

Top Tips for Winter Hair Repair & Scalp Care

If you live in a colder climate, you probably notice a change in your hair and scalp during the winter. Outdoor arid temperatures and drying indoor heat can make your skin dry and flaky and your tresses limp, dull and frizzy. Kelly Harrison, BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL U.S. Educator, shares her favorite tips to help you cope with harsh winter conditions.

  • Incorporate a Hydrating Mask to care for your hair and scalp in the winter.

Between the cold air outside and the drying heat inside, your hair and scalp are sure to be feeling the effects. These harsh climates can really dehydrate your hair strands, causing frizz and making your hair more prone to breakage. It is essential that you do your part to restore your hair’s moisture and natural oils. If you don’t regularly use a mask, start with BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 911 Quinoa Hair Mask, a luxurious creamy formula enriched with pure quinoa extract, macadamia oil, argan oil and vitamin E. It features all the essential proteins & vitamins necessary to hydrate and nourishes your scalp and hair, restoring strength, elasticity, and shine. Use every wash or every other was during the Winter months. 

  • Massage Away Dry Scalp

Just as you might love a facial, a scalp treatment at your favorite salon or even at home will be a true act of self-care. Use our rich, creamy mask and/or serum from the BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 911 Quinoa line, combined with a soothing scalp massage to nourish and hydrate your scalp and hair. Adding in a scalp massage, even if you do it yourself, will ensure any flakes or build up are removed from the scalp and will stimulate circulation to the root areas, promoting a cleansed and healthy hair growth base. Plus, it’s a relaxing treat!

  • Use a leave-in treatment to help prevent or control static and flyaways. 

Using a leave-in protectant during the Winter months is a must to make sure you are not only adding in an extra dose of moisture but protecting your strands from the harsh environmental Winter elements as well. BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL 911 All In One Quinoa Hair Treatment is a multi-purpose, nourishing leave-in treatment that hydrates and locks-in moisture, prevents frizz, and provides UV and heat protection (important even in the winter). The result? Smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair. 

Other non-product related tips to help your hair look its best during the harsh Winter months include: 

• Sleep on a silk pillowcase to treat your hair gently—the silk fabric won’t ruffle the cuticle (the outer layer of each strand) or tug at your hair while you sleep.

• Use a cooler setting on your blow-dryer to prevent burning your scalp and hair.

• DO NOT go outside with wet or damp hair. Make sure it is completely dry. When it’s wet, it swells and becomes more brittle in frigid air, leading to breakage.

• If you wear a hat, avoid wool and knit caps, which can be abrasive on your hair. Instead, choose a hat with a soft interior or silk lining so it glides across your hair without pulling.

What are your favorite winter haircare tips? Please share in the comments.

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This is really helpful article for hair care in winter. For a healthy hair care-Apply hair oil to hydrate your scalp. Don’t wash your hair frequently. The Precise Hair Conditioning. Don’t use heat styling tools. Use a weekly deep conditioning hair mask. Never leave the house with wet hair.


Thanks for the info I’m using a keratin mask !

Maris Schmitt,

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