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focused on helping you achieve the hair of your dreams—whether that means straight and smooth, curly and wild, textured, colored, naturally gray or anything in between. We create the results-oriented products that will nourish, hydrate and strengthen your hair, giving it exactly what it needs to appear healthy, shiny and beautiful.


Family-owned, focused on YOU

Founded by Yehoda Levy, who runs the company with his wife Liat, BIOTOP PROFESSIONAL remains a family-owned and operated, privately held business. We are especially proud to be an integral member of the professional salon community. As a result, we are 100% focused on serving the needs of the salon owners, hairdressers and consumers who love our products and everything we stand for—purely pH-balanced haircare, scientifically sound formulas and our professional heritage backed by salon expertise.

 Yehoday Levi

Founder & CEO, Yehoda Levi


Purified water powers our formulas

Our commitment to you begins with our special manufacturing process. Each formula boasts a base of purified water that undergoes a special filtration process to remove all minerals and impurities. That allows our superfoods, botanicals and other hair-loving ingredients to penetrate each hair shaft to bring their benefits into your hair and scalp as completely as possible. In addition, because we control our manufacturing—many haircare companies outsource this important process—we know the source and quality of every ingredient in every bottle. Finally, we invest heavily in R&D, and in partnership with formulators, scientists and leading haircare professionals, create products based on the quality, safety, ease of use and results that savvy consumers like you deserve!

Purely pH-balanced products care for your hair and scalp

In addition, our exclusive manufacturing process tests our products at seven different stages to maintain the proper pH at every step. This process meets the strictest international standards in quality control. The result is luxurious, purely pH-balanced haircare powered by superfoods like quinoa, keratin, rich argan and macadamia oils and more.

 911 Quinoa Series

911 Quinoa Series


Today, we’re proud to sell our products in more than 25 countries, including the United States and Canada, to tens of thousands of hairdressers and their clients. We can’t wait for you to experience the results for yourself!


Now it’s your turn. Tell us about yourself and how we can help your hair in the comments!

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